Extra! Extra! The Canadian Orthodox Messenger is Online

After a long hiatus the Canadian Orthodox Messenger has entered the age of the interwebs, connectivity, social media, “the cloud,” responsive blog formats and so on … and the editors must admit to being dragged kicking and screaming into the paperless world. But alas, paper has given way to the ones and zeros of a virtualized publication. The present editor-in-chief begs for your patience in the period of transition. Moving from a print based publication to an online one is a significant change as the design considerations, layout, formatting, marketing and, almost everything, requires a thorough rejigging. Therefore, you might see several reiterations, revisions and redesigns before the Messenger looks and feels at home in the aether.


That said, the Messenger will remain fundamentally a word based publication. Articles of many different types will be considered for publication: reflections, reviews, essays, travelogues, interest pieces, and most well written pieces. Some issues will focus on a certain theme and some issues will be a collection of sundry articles. To this end, the Messenger welcomes article on topics of various kinds:

  • what educational programs work in your parish?
  • reflection on a current issue
  • history of Kievan or Znamenny chant
  • how you had a successful fundraiser
  • what was it like to visit a monastery
  • the glory of God in his creatures
  • how to stop saying bad words in traffic

Whatever each issue looks like, we, the editorial team, hope the Messenger presents thoughtful, reflective and, moreover, edifying content that gives glory to God and strengthens its readers to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the current issue you will find:

Please enjoy this small initial offering. Please provide us with your feedback and your articles. Comments can be provided through the Contact section.